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Watch YouTube clips that explain more about the IB Programme

Learn more about IB

Clip 1: Introduction to the IB process

This clip provides the introduction and overview of the IB Middle Years Program. The question posed is, "How does IB help Hopkins junior highs continue to provide, excellent, relevant education for all students in an ever-changing world?" Watch Clip.

Clip 2: The IB framework

Learn about how the IB framework would help to align junior high initiatives around a common purpose. Watch Clip.

Clip 3: increasing rigor

Learn about the different tools within the IB to increase the level of thinking for all students and staff. Watch Clip.

Clip 4: Preparing students

Learn about how the IB connects learning to the real-world, promotes intercultural understanding and respect, and develops 21st century skills to prepare students for a future world. Watch Clip.