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August 10, 2018

Greetings from North Junior High School!

It has been a long tradition at North to not hold school-wide fundraisers for materials and supplies. We want our students to focus on learning, thinking, and spending time with you as a family instead of trying to sell items to raise money for our school. However, there are ways that we would love to enrich our program at North Junior High that we are not able to do within the given budget – things or events that we would purchase using fundraising dollars. To that end, we have a tradition at North called the “Wish List”.

Over the past few years, we have been able to supplement our program in so many ways through our parents’ generosity. For example, the wish list supported a student-created mural, building wide community service projects and educational field trips, butterfly cocoons and frogs for 7th graders in science, music and props for the school musical, and new equipment for our eighth grade design and visual arts program. These are just a few of North’s “Wishes” granted through the generosity of our community. 

In short, every department, every teacher, and every student benefits significantly from the “Wish List” donations. In fact, North is able to continue to save a portion of a teaching position due to the offsetting savings the “Wish List” provides our supply budget. 

This year, we have a few rather unique requests (in addition to the “Wishes” listed by the departments in this pamphlet): 

• Personalizing our School: Our students create fantastic pieces of work that we want to be able to showcase, but we also want to highlight images of our students learning. We have great images that we highlight on our website, but we want our students to be reflected in our hallways as well. 

• Flexible Learning Spaces: We have come a long way with personalizing our learning environment to reflect the collaborative nature of our IB program. We want to continue to support these learning experiences through flexible classroom furniture. 

• Indoor Signs: In our journey toward becoming an International Baccalaureate World School and our commitment to being college-ready, we would like to reform our indoor signage to reflect the multi-cultural and multi-lingual community we are proud of having at North. We would like to have our directional signs posted in multiple languages, as well as have opportunities to post other artifacts and signs that demonstrate our diversity and our commitment to college-readiness. 

If you are willing and able to donate any amount, you can either donate to the “Wish List” in general or designate your donation to be used for a specific purchase. 

We are grateful for your support!