NJH End-of-year Grading 2020

Information for students and parents convering year-end grading. Included is an important form if your student is choosing to take any class as a Pass/No Credit for second semester courses.
June 01, 2020

Here we are, roughly two weeks from the end of the 2019-20, school year.  While this spring has been anything but ordinary, it is that time of year when our school community begins the “normal” process of readying itself for summer.


Of partuclar note is how caregivers and students will have the opportunity to choose how they will be graded for the second semester-- either taking a letter grade or choosing to take a pass/no credit grade.


Our ninth-grade counselor, Amanda Clark, put together a screen cast linked here explaining how grading will work for 7th/8th graders as well as for ninth graders, for the second semester of 2020-21.  Make sure you view the screencast as it explains your options and the forms that must be completed to elect a pass/no-credit grade for the second semester of this school year.


A link to the 7th/8th grade form is here.


A link to the 9th grade form is here.


In summary, the timeline for grading and filling out the related forms is as follows:

  • Attendance will be taken everyday through June 5.  Students should do the check in activities for each of their classes as they have done so since distance learning started back in April.
  • Starting Monday, June 1, through Friday, June 5, at 3 PM, students will be turning in work, making presentations, taking summative assessments, submitting late work, or engaging in optional distance learning enrichment activities.
  • Again, 3 PM, on June 5, is the cut off for any submission of student work.
  • Teachers will be posting their final grades to Infinite Campus by 11:59 PM, on June 5.
  • For each student, the letter grade teachers will enter will be whichever is the higher grade:
    •  the student’s in-progress grade as it stood on March 13
    • the student’s in-progress grade on March 13 + the distance learning  grade through June 5
    • a pass/no-credit grade indicated by the afore mentioned  form completed by student and caregiver
  • Students and care givers may complete the pass/no credit form up until June 12.  Grades will be changed based upon the submission of the pass/no credit form.
  • If a student and caregiver do not submit a pass/no credit form, the student’s grade will default to the letter grade originally posted by the individual teacher on June 5, at 11:59 PM.

If you have any questions regarding the grading process, please contact your student's grade level counselor:

Grade 7--  Andrea Yesnes  email
Grade 8-- Ikran Salat  email
Grade 9-- Christy Daigle  email

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