September 2019 Life Changer

September 2019 Life Changer: Jeremy Reichel

Jeremy Reichel often tells his students that he operates on two rules: work hard and be nice. The design and talent development teacher at North Junior High lives up to this philosophy through his own work ethic and actions.

The design subject area Reichel teaches his students is all about problem solving and collaboration — something he actively demonstrates with his own colleagues. North Junior High math teacher, Abigail Kloos, said Reichel brings great ideas to the table while validating the current status of a project.

“Jeremy helps ease anxious feelings by calmly providing a solution,” Kloos said. “He is awesome at the work he does and I appreciate all of the help he has provided over the years.”

Reichel has worked in Hopkins for eight years. During that time, he has worked with AVID students, coached volleyball, worked with the quiz bowl team, and most recently spent the summer advising the Royal Reps.

“Coming to work every day is truly a joy,” Reichel said. “I have a lot of fun at my job and I am surrounded by caring, highly capable people who never fail to impress me.”

Q: What do you love most about working at Hopkins Public Schools? I absolutely love the people — staff and students! I think it’s important to try to really get to know as many people as possible in our schools. Hearing people’s stories builds our common humanity and can help to support or inspire someone who may not have encountered that, had we just walked past each other.  

Q: How have students in Hopkins touched your life in some way that is unexpected and made you feel great about doing your job? Working with junior high students, one of the things that brings all our work full circle and makes me so proud is to hear back from them when they are seniors ready to graduate. The maturity, empathy, and readiness I have seen from my former students is inspiring. 

Q: Crowning achievement? One of the things I was most proud to be a part of was the first year of offering a science course as part of our Juntos Spanish immersion program at North, which I taught for four years. A lot of energy and work went into it and I believe it is one of the most rigorous, globally minded programs in our school.

Stats:   B.A. in biology from Wartburg College. Reichel received his teaching license in 2009 and his M. Ed. in secondary science curriculum and instruction from the University of Minnesota.