900 Policies: School-Community Relations

The policies in this section establish guidelines to ensure a quality partnership with the community.

902: Community Use Of School Facilities

The Board of Education of Independent School District 270 recognizes the desirability of having the District's school facilities and community centers used as much as possible by community groups to promote educational, recreational, cultural and civic activities of the community.

Public school facilities exist primarily for the purpose of serving the educational needs of the youth in the community. No group or organization will be scheduled if requested use interferes with the regular school programs or school sponsored activities. The School District will determine the most appropriate and available use of the district's facility space.

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903: Visitors To School District Buildings And Community Relations

The purpose of this policy is to inform the school community and the general public of the position of the School Board on visitors to school buildings and sites.

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904: Distribution of Non-Curricular Materials on School District Property by Non-School Persons

The purpose of this policy is to provide for distribution of materials appropriate to the school setting by non-school person and organizations (defined herein as non-staff and non-students) on School District property in a reasonable time, place, and manner which does not disrupt the educational program nor interfere with the educational objectives of the School District and takes into consideration students’ and employees’ free speech rights. Permission to distribute materials on school property by non-school persons is a privilege, not a right.

When deemed appropriate, students may be asked to carry announcements and informational materials home to be shared with their parents/guardians.

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905: Advertising and Fundraising

The School District recognizes the need for fundraising to enhance the resources in support of programs for students. The School District must ensure that the appropriate procedures are in place to prevent fundraising activities from becoming too numerous and overly demanding on employees, students, parents, and the community and the activities do not detract from the academic climate or learning.

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907: Rewards

The purpose of this policy is to authorize the School Board to offer rewards to persons who provide accurate and reliable information leading to the conviction of a person who has committed or conspired to commit a crime against students or school employees, volunteers, or School Board members as a result of their affiliation with the School District, or against School District property.

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952: Community Use of School Facilities: Leases

Hopkins School District 270 may enter into lease agreements with organizations and agencies exempt from State and Federal Income Tax for space determined to be excess in School District facilities.

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953: Administration, Supervision and Maintenance of Swimming Pools

Administration of the swimming pool is the responsibility of the facility manager.

Instructors or lifeguards designated by the facility manager are responsible for supervising swimming pool activities.

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954: Gifts to the Schools

In accordance with the enabling provisions of Minnesota Statutes, the Board may accept, and at times may actually seek, bequests or gifts of money or property granted for the purposes of enhancing or extending curricular, extra curricular, and co-curricular programs and the overall operation of the schools. At its discretion, the Board may accept bequests or gifts of money or property for purposes deemed to be suitable and to utilize such money or property to support curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular programs and to enhance and extend the general operation of the schools for the benefit of pupils and citizens.

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956: Relations with Law Enforcement Authorities

Cooperation with law enforcement agencies is essential for the protection of students, staff and community and for safeguarding District properties.

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957: School District Public Relations Program

The Board of Education is committed to establishing and supporting planned and systematic, two-way communications between the Hopkins School District and the entire community.

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