300 Policies: General School Administration

The policies in this section provide direction to ensure the consistent operation of the School District.

303: Superintendent Selection Process

The purpose of this policy is to convey to the school community that the authority to select and employ a superintendent is vested in the School Board.

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303.1: Interim Appointment Procedures

The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures relating to the appointment of an interim superintendent.

351: Development of Regulations

The Board delegates to the superintendent the function of specifying required actions and designing detailed arrangements under which the District will be operated in accordance with Board policy. These detailed arrangements will constitute the Administrative Rules and Regulations governing the District and will bear the same coding designations as the policies to which they correspond, but followed by the letter R.

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352: Approval of Handbooks and Directives

In order that pertinent Board policies, regulations, and school rules and procedures may be known by all staff members and students affected by them, district administrators and principals are granted authority to issue staff and student handbooks as found necessary and desirable.

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353: Temporary Administrative Arrangements

The superintendent is authorized to appoint an acting superintendent to serve specified periods of time during temporary absences from duty.
A temporary absence is defined as a vacation period, attendance at national conventions, and/or any other periods when the superintendent would be out of immediate contact or presence in the district for over 24 hours.

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354: Program Consultants

When knowledge or technical skills are needed that cannot be provided by persons on the staff, consultant assistance may be considered.

All consultants will be approved by the superintendent of designee prior to the invitation and arrangement for visitation by such person or persons to the School District.

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