675 Policies: Educational Agency Relations

The policies in this section outline the educational opportunities for non-public students as well as research activity expectations for students and staff.

676: Research Activities

Recognizing that both school and community can benefit from the results of properly designed and conducted research, the Board will permit the involvement of pupils and staff in selective research activities, provided that the research design and purpose meet the conditions outline in the policy.

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675: Enrollment of Non-Public Schools Students

The School Board welcomes the enrollment of all resident school-age children in District 270 schools. The School Board recognizes that parents/guardians have the responsibility to select the most appropriate educational programs for their children. The educational program of District 270 includes a comprehensive set of curricular and extracurricular programs that are consistent with the mission of the School District. To effectively and efficiently achieve the mission of the School District, enrollment on a full-time basis is the expectation of the School District.

Download the PDF for the complete policy.