Board Goals, 2020

Board Goals

The 2020 Hopkins School Board goals were created in alignment with the leadership framework that Hopkins School District leaders are using to advance Vision 2031: empathy leadership, learning leadership, operational leadership, innovation leadership, equity leadership, and culture leadership.

Goal 1: Learning Leadership — Develop an understanding of key progress indicators Hopkins School District is using to create student success metrics aligned with Vision 2031.

In Hopkins, we are redesigning public education to prepare all students to thrive in our rapidly changing world. This innovative model requires new ways of understanding measuring student success. The Board will work with Hopkins School District leaders to be able to communicate a clear and consistent message to our community about how we will be measuring student success differently as we implement Vision 2031.

Action Items:

•  The Board will receive regular updates from the Superintendent and the Department of Learning, Design, and Innovation regarding the development of the Vision 2031 Learning Framework.

•  The Board will facilitate a holistic presentation of current assessment practices and evolving future success metrics to the community during our annual Board meeting focused on student achievement.

•  The Board will clearly communicate our understanding of the process of creating Vision 2031 aligned student success metrics with our community via multiple channels.

Goal 2: Operational Leadership — Sustain bold investments in vision 2031 while restructuring the budget to more accurately reflect projected revenues and expenses.

Similar to districts across Minnesota, Hopkins is operating in an economic environment where state and federal funding for public education have not kept pace with inflation or the evolving needs of our students. Our challenge and opportunity as a Board is to create and maintain a budget structure that aligns with and will sustain the work of Vision 2031.

Action Items:

•  The Board will work with our Citizens Financial Advisory Committee (CFAC) to understand the current budget structure and opportunities for restructuring it to sustain Vision 2031.

•  The Board will consider Cabinet's recommendations for aligning the budget with Vision 2031.

•  The Board will clearly communicate our budgeting process and opportunities for community involvement via multiple channels.

Goal 3: Culture Leadership — Develop Board processes that are progressive, clear, and understood by board members and the community.

Six new leaders have been elected to the Hopkins School Board in a period of two years. This presents an opportunity to co-create innovative and effective processes to support Vision 2031 implementation. Because this work is collective, it will be essential that all Board members and community members understand and are able to work within these new structures.

Action Items:

•  The Board will work with the District's legal team to understand the First Amendment parameters that pertain to open agenda time. 

•  The Board will establish a process for responding to issues brought to the Board during open agenda time.

•  The Board will establish clear processes for communication amongst Board members within the boundaries of open meeting law.

•  The Board will establish clear processes for communicating with community. members who reach out to Board members via email or phone message.

Goal 4: Equity and Innovation Leadership — Create and implement a Board community engagement strategy with a focus on equity and innovation.

Maintaining open channels of communication between the Board and our Hopkins Schools community is essential to delivering on Vision 2031. Together we will innovate to create equitable communication pathways to ensure that all voices are heard and that our community's priorities are translated into action.

Action Items:

•  The Board will work in alignment with Cabinet to establish a Vision 2031 "Future of Learning" series to engage community stakeholders.

•  The Board will identify opportunities for engaging with specific stakeholder groups who have not historically been the the spaces where District decisions are made.

•  The Board will create and maintain clear channels of communication in multiple modes, spaces, and languages.

Goal 5: Learning Leadership — Engage in professional development to understand and implement next practices in education.

In order to continue the innovation and equity focused work of Vision 2031, our Board must understand not just best, but next practices in education. During the coming year, we will engage with the work of educational thought leaders locally, nationally, and internationally. Bringing these perspectives to our collective work will help us build a public school system that ensures every student has a brilliant future.

Action Items:

•  Board members will identify individual and collective learning goals.

•  The Board will develop a year-long plan for professional development to support the decisions we will make as a board during 2020 and beyond.

•  Board members will access information from education thought leaders in a variety of ways, including trainings, conferences, and online and print resources.

•  Board members will share our learnings with out Board colleagues and community members during workshops, meetings, and our community engagement work.